LEAD UI/UX Designer (mobile game)

Full Time
Job Description

Legendary Play is a self-publishing development studio creating mobile games for Esports fans. Our vision is “Live your Esports passion!” – for our players and ourselves. Our mission is to offer fun and authentic mobile games that will be enjoyed by millions of Esports enthusiasts around the globe.

We are looking to expand our project team (based in Berlin) with an experienced Lead UI/UX Designer. You will work directly with user interface and experience designers, game designers, artists and developers to establish and maintain our UI/UX processes and lead your department through pre-production, to planning, to estimations and delivery, making sure our product updates are delivered on time and in amazing quality. Your decisions will matter from day one and you’ll be paving the way for further expansion of the company and its game portfolio. You’ll be reporting directly to the Head of Product, having all the support you need to perfect user experience for a fun, high-quality profitable game.

Your Mission:

  • Taking Leadership Role: managing personal goals and growth plans for your department and yourself, optimising work processes (figuring out problems, proposing solutions), participating in the hiring process, establishing and maintaining the UI/UX department structure.
  • Being a vision Keeper: making sure our game feels authentic to true Esports fans, and our decisions are guided with deep knowledge about our audiences needs and expectations, not only in the game itself, but also in application to marketing assets.
  • Guiding: creating and maintaining both internal and external guidelines for styles, technical parts and reusability of content, collaborating with other departments and freelancers from time to time to establish convenient working pipelines.
  • Taking part in global roadmap development and management.
  • Prioritising long-term work in the department, considering pre-production and production for multiple versions for one game simultaneously.
  • Participating in version planning: gathering new ideas on UI and UX, planning and breaking down upcoming features with the development team.
  • Distributing tasks between people in the UI/UX department, and maintaining information flow: making sure your people are fully aware of the situation within a version and within a sprint; serving as the main contact point for problems.
  • Being a field general, i.e. doing manual UI/UX work until the department grows enough: creating mockups, supporting click flows, wireframes, potentially click prototypes
  • Working closely with game designers and tech departments during the ideation stage of the feature’s lifecycle, bringing features from rough ideas to the state of complete UX/UI vision.


  • You have 4+ years or experience in UI/UX design in the industry of Mobile Games.
  • You have shipped at least 1 title in the role of the UI/UX department lead.
  • You know what makes great UI and UX. You know how the players interact with mobile games in general, you know to get insights on the specifics of particular audiences and can thoroughly weigh each idea against your deep knowledge of usability, convenience and effectiveness of user interactions in a particular game.
  • You have at least basic knowledge of best practices of agile development, Scrum or Kanban and have applied these practices yourself in multiple teams/companies.
  • You are great with people and enjoy interacting with them. You can find a way to efficiently communicate to anyone, from a junior artist to an experienced tech-lead.
  • You are proactive. Nobody has to hand-hold you or tell you what to do — usually it’s you who goes to people with ideas and requests, not the other way around.
  • You stay on the light side, leading people without being authoritarian, guiding them through earned respect rather than bureaucracy and politics.
  • At the same time, you are firm in your stance. If you or your people consider something important and need time to do it, you fight for it.
  • You are a problem solver at heart, willing to learn what you don’t know and are proactively looking for answers.
  • You live what you preach and are an example to the team, sparring about ideas with your peers, leaving egos at the door.
  • Your English is Upper-Intermediate or higher (English is the official language of META Games, so all communications, spoken or written, are done in English).

Bonus Skills:

  • You follow Esports and used to play (or still play) MOBAs and/or Shooters.

What we offer:

  • A competitive salary in a well-funded gaming studio, which you still help to shape
  • The opportunity to work in the most exciting industries in the world – Esports and Gaming
  • The ability to own your work, but to collaborate with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team.

Next Steps: