(Senior) Backend Software Engineer

Full Time
  • Remote
  • Post Date: August 2, 2021
  • Apply Before: December 24, 2026
Job Description

About GRID

Currently, esports data is not widely accessible, very granular or available in real-time. GRID is solving these challenges by working closely together with tournament organizers and game publishers, transforming their raw bespoke data into a suite of game agnostic and easy-to-use APIs.

On top of this solid foundation, GRID (and partners) is building robust fan-facing applications, statistics and predictive models, worked on internally by respective specialized product teams. The general esports industry is growing every year and as we face an increased demand for our services, we are looking to expand our team with ambitious and bright minds that can help us solve the challenges that the industry faces.

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  • Founded in 2018, grew to support 10 titles, processing over 12k matches a year by 2020, and partnering with some of the leading names in the esports and sports betting industries.
  • 60+ passionate people of 24 different nationalities.
  • Raised $10m in Series A funding early in 2021 to further accelerate market and operational growth.

Job requirements

What we look for

  • Deep knowledge of a strongly typed language (preferably Kotlin / Go), acknowledging the value of having
    • Explicit (nullable) types
    • Strong, minimal contracts
    • Helpful abstractions and class hierarchies / compositions (introduced at an appropriate time)
  • Ambition to build robust, high-quality mission-critical systems, leveraging the power of
    • Automated testing
    • Automated monitoring and alerting
    • CI/CD infrastructure
  • Know-how of good API design (preferably REST / GraphQL), paying attention to
    • Documentation
    • Self-documenting naming and structures
    • Minimal and extendable contracts (while minimizing breaking changes)
  • Experience with real-time messaging technologies (preferably Kafka / RabbitMQ), micro-service architecture and container / orchestration systems (preferably Docker / Kubernetes), while bearing in mind
    • Complexity trade-offs
    • Asynchronous communication patterns
    • Fault-tolerance design

What you will do

  • Build greenfield mission-critical services and expand the reliability of existing ones.
  • Helping to shape GRID’s technological landscape together with experienced colleagues.
  • Participate in architectural discussions, providing feedback to coworkers and ensuring good practices.
  • Work closely together with product stakeholders to communicate progress and considerations effectively.

What we offer

A unique and delightful way of working

  • Flexibly. Work from wherever you want, in the office, from home, or wherever inspires and motivates you. Meet up in-person with your colleagues every so often, making use of the travel opportunities GRID offers.
  • Sustainably. We’re not a typical start up. We want our engineers to be rested and able to perform. Regular length days, less than 5 hours of scheduled meetings per week and Friday afternoons free to take on the projects you choose, is the norm.
  • Organized. We strive for considered decisions, creating software that lasts. We document them in decision records, which any engineer in any team can drive.
  • Agile & Inclusively. We’ve developed our own kanban-based way of working that is constantly being improved and adapted by the self organizing product-engineering teams. Opinions and ideas are valued from all.
  • Prioritizing quality. Achieved by ensuring detailed stories and epics, high test
    coverage, a thorough code-review process, consciously taking on technical debt and an open culture of sharing opinions.
  • Pragmatic. GRID thrives on being pragmatic, allowing us to make the best decisions, rather than keeping to rigid processes and procedures that don’t work well for us.
  • Impactful. With a robust CI/CD process, and a full suite of automated tests our engineers ship daily, allowing you to make impact on the product from day one with peace of mind.
  • Fostering growth. Empowering engineers who are determined to grow by providing a self-development budget and strong career advancement opportunities.