(Senior) Frontend Engineer (React)

Full Time
Job Description

At GRID we’re engaged to build and mature esports data across our platform. Whether it’s recording the first hit on a Roshan, the player location on the pursuit of a bomb plant, or something more familiar like fixture data, our approach is always the same. Disciplined towards a game-agnostic data design, we aim to accelerate the consumption and distribution for our partners and to our consumers respectively.

GRID places itself at the centre of the data ecosystem within esports, bringing value en masse to Publishers, Tournaments, Teams, and Broadcasts. Creating exciting products and initiatives tailored towards making the very most of the rights held data available to us. Our core business works with server data, which is rich, granular, and fast. This is our future, and we’re extremely motivated in our pursuit to realise it.

Our culture is our most prized asset across the business, and if you’re driven by your own initiative to succeed you’ll fit well within the GRID team. We offer a challenge culture that is cloaked in respect and honesty towards our fellow employees. We reach decisions by consensus and logic, together.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Implementation of technical improvements and new feature sets
  • Work with product owners, and stakeholders, providing technical feedback and considerations
  • Working closely with our design team to turn their designs into great frontends
  • Participating in code reviews, identifying and applying best practices for software development
  • Iterate on our in house design system and suggest improvements
  • Implement comprehensive automation tests
  • Following and advocate FE best practices
  • Work with members of the team providing valuable feedback

What we look for

  • The ability to thrive in a fast-paced software startup that has incredible potential
  • A passion for software engineering who loves writing clean, well-tested code
  • Enthusiasm for working in a Lean, fully Agile environment
  • Good attention to detail
  • Experience working with React, Typescript, Jest, Cypress & Storybook
  • Good communication skills, especially when working with remote teams
  • A good understanding of the web fundamentals (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Understanding of responsive design and how this can be achieved

What we offer

  • Sustainably & Health. A generous vacation allowance (up to 35 days a year), mental health support (professional counselors). Regular length days, less than 5 hours of scheduled meetings per week and Friday afternoons free to take on the projects you choose, is the norm. We want our engineers to be rested and able to perform.
  • Flexibility. 100% remote possible. Meet up in person in our Berlin and/or Wrocław offices, making use of the travel opportunities GRID offers.
  • Growth. Empowering engineers who are determined to grow by providing a self-development budget and strong career advancement opportunities.
  • Pragmatic. Make good decisions for improvements, rather than keeping to rigid processes and procedures that don’t work well for us.
  • Impactful. With a robust CI/CD process, and a full suite of automated tests our engineers ship daily, allowing you to make impact on the product from day one with peace of mind.
  • Company Culture. Diverse and international – work with colleagues who are passionate about what they do just as much as you are. Contribution from anyone is welcomed and encouraged. Ability to self express.
  • Agile & Inclusively. We’ve developed our own kanban-based way of working that is constantly being improved and adapted by the self organizing product-engineering teams. Opinions and ideas are valued from all.
  • Quality. Achieved by ensuring detailed stories and epics, high test coverage, a thorough code-review process, consciously taking on technical debt and an open culture of sharing opinions.
  • Organized. We strive for considered decisions, creating software that lasts. We document them in decision records, which any engineer in any team can drive.