Tips for starting your career

career tips for young professionals

With the end of their training and studies, most graduates start their professional life: If the acclimatization phase in their first job goes well, everyone benefits!

Barbara K├Ârner from the Psychological Institute at the University of Zurich has put together the most important tips for young professionals and companies so that this transition from training to professional life does not turn into deep water.

Approach new tasks
The start in the profession brings with it many new and unknown tasks. Therefore, you should heed the following tips:

Be motivated to learn and familiarize yourself with new tasks, even if everything may not work out right away.
Try not to see problems just as obstacles, but take them on as challenges where you can test your knowledge from training and learn new things.
You can also use the opportunity to ask colleagues for advice if you don’t know what to do in the initial phase.

Gather feedback
Use your colleagues as a source of feedback: through occasional feedback from others, you can find out whether you are on the right track and reduce your own insecurity in your first job.

Find out about rules and expectations
Find out about unspoken rules and expectations in the team and in the company: your team always goes to lunch together on Fridays, new employees invite you to an aperitif at the end of the probationary period, do you inform the whole team and not just the supervisor in the event of illness? Many companies have these and other rules. Ask your colleagues about these unspoken rules so that you can meet team expectations and settle in more quickly.

Establish your own network with other colleagues: Other newcomers or experienced mentors in particular can provide important tips. During the informal exchange over lunch or an afternoon coffee, you can clarify questions that are neglected in everyday work.

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